Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Bodycop - Demo (2010)

I have been debating over this one since before Christmas. Should I post it or not? Not down to any sort of loyalty to DIY or underground music ( it saw a very limited tape release) more down to the fact that it is pretty clear this is the work of hipsters. I love Swans as much as the next gay so a band that sound pretty much bang on as early Swans worship would be right up my street wouldn't it? Yes they would. Bodycop obviously love Swans but I just can't get away from that whiff of uber-cool exuding from this. I think its the video evidence here, the complete lack of any Internet presence and the ultimate cool sign, a limited release C90. Am I wrong? Please folk, help me out here, I want to like them. Download it below and make up your own mind.


  1. This isn't even worth debating.They're excellent. I've been banging on about them for months, and you seem to be the only other person on this side of the Atlantic I've encountered who likes them besides me.

    AS for the "cool" thing..oh come on, who cares. More bands not whoring themselves over the internet might result in a whole lot less bullshit music. And as for the tape thing..does that apply to Pine Barrens as well then?

  2. Yeah I know man. I do really like it. Been listening to it quite a lot. Maybe its just being jaded and sorta on a Hipster hating fix at the moment. I do love tapes.
    I am really interested to hear what they come up with next.

  3. See I'm blisfully unaware of any hipsterosity pertaining to this band. It's just huge, ugly, punishing noise to me, which is just fine.

  4. Yeah. Nothing wrong with that. With hindsight I have probably been overly harsh in my dissection and analysis of Bodycop. Good ugly music is good ugly music.