Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Graham Central Station - Mirror (1976)

Larry Graham has got a fair few decent things going for him. He was a key member of Sly & The Family Stone, he is often credited with pioneering the slap technique applied to electric bass and he also worked with Betty Davis, Tower of Power's horn section and The Pointer Sisters. Amongst all this, he found time to form Graham Central Station back in 1973 with various musicians picked out of Jefferson Airplane, Santana and Hot Tuna. Mirror show cases this collectives combined playing skills on many levels. Some of the tightest and most energetic playing you are likely to hear.

FUCK!!!! Some tight ass playing right here!


  1. When you listen to the bass playing on the Sly records, it proper seems like Larry's holding back, compared to the G.C.S material. There is a little less soul and load more straight-up funk/rock in G.C.S.
    What a guy though, really.

  2. Seriously, some of the tightest bass playing I have ever heard. Changed my opinion about a lot of other so called "funk" records.