Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Gone - Lets Get Gone Real Gone For A Change (1986)

From the dope addled mind of Black Flag and SST head honcho, Greg Ginn, came Gone back in '86. A vehicle for his complete wig out, free-jazz obsessed, hippy rock dreams. This is early 70's stadium jams transposed to 1980's van tours and shitty basements. Its awesome. I have always been a fan of Flag's "The Process Of Weeding Out" and after watching the Reality 86'd documentary I was reminded of how much fun this record is. So I dug it out, spun it in the car to work a few times this week and am sharing it here now. Bonus note, until recently I had no idea it was the almighty rhythm section of Andrew Weiss and Sim Cain. YES!

This is not punk rock!


  1. Could you please upload it again? The link is broken.

  2. can you upload again this one please?

  3. All the links are down while I find a new server. Mediafire deleted my account.