Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Bronson multi post

The legend himself, Charles Bronson. This post has come about from an in joke amongst myself and no one else at my place of work. I have spent nearly 3 weeks signing in as Charles Bronson on the safety check list. I don't really know why, one morning it came to me, no one has corrected or mentioned it, so its just carried on. Despite this massive safety flaw someone has since, written their name as Ben Dover. Only the once mind.
So, in honor of my employers slacks safety practises and in tribute to one of the best badasses to ever stalk cinema ( and also because I have been going through the archives, I needed to re-upload a bunch of things.) I have put together a load of Charlie B related musical things. A Charles Bronson bargain bucket if you will.

1 . Charles Bronson -Collection

You should already know who these guys are. Classic, bratty sounding, 90s, hardcore/power violence dudes. To clever for their own good. Enjoy a movie/documentary that came with this compilation here.

2. Herbie Hancock - Death Wish OST

The score to Micheal Winners vigilante classic. Often imitated, never bettered. Hancock created an impressive foreboding atmosphere with this one. perfectly suited to Charles Bronson dealing out street justice to Jeff Goldblum, Lawrence Fishburne ( when he was still cool) and all the other punks in his way.

3. Fister - Bronsonic

Some nasty, feedback encrusted sludge from over the pond. Sorta like Eyehategod crossed with The Butthole Surfers. Been digging this for some time now. The band are giving it away free as it seems the physical copies have sold out. Well worth a listen if you like.

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