Thursday, 25 March 2010

Lalo Schifrin - Dirty Harry Anthology (1998)

An addition from my own collection ( please ignore the naff cover, it's really that bad). Lalo Schifrin should need no introduction to anyone that I deem cool enough to be my friend. His work on Coogan's Bluff and friendship with Clint Eastwood gave Don Siegal all confidence he needed to hand over full score rights to Schifrin. Who turned in one of the most distinctive musical scores in modern film history in my humble opinion. He went on and composed the music for all of the sequels with the exception of The Enforcer in 1976. His work on Dirty Harry and Magnum Force is the obvious highlight of this collection. A combination of grimy jazz, fusion guitar, haunting vocals and genuine fear makes them classics. Weirdly cool but also unsettling. The music for Sudden Impact and The Dead Pool isn't too bad but doesn't really match the first two films atmosphere. That said. The Dead Pool is worth it for Jim Carrey lip syncing to Welcome To The Jungle in a Exorcist style setting.
But back to Lalo. This is a superbly atmospheric soundtrack and one that I can't help but notice has influenced so many over the years.

A true classic movie............

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