Thursday, 30 May 2013

Update time

So, after much debating, I am going to continue with Gonna Make The Pony Trot. With Mediafire deleting my account ( including everything I posted here as well as about 5 years worth of personal stuff) I was pretty certain it was the final nail in this blog's coffin. I had a whole speech planned out about how I feel but its explained far better in the following feature. This blog was never about the latest album leaks or trying to undercut independant music, plenty of other blogs do that. I started this as a way to improve my somewhat shoddy writing skills and because I realised I had collected a wealth of demo's and unusual musical treasures from my years of touring. Combine this with my love of soundtracks and you have Gonna Make The Pony Trot. I was inspired by the likes of Cosmic Hearse, Mutant Sounds, Illogical Contraption ( who I have been lucky enough to write for ) and Lo Res Viscera to start blogging about music back in about 2006 and I think we've had a pretty good run so far. In that time I have discovered a wealth of music that I love, made quite a few new friends and acquaintances and its opened some new opportunities. Its been great so far. I am leaving everything posted prior to this up, simply as reference. Pretty much all the links are now dead. I have some new hosting sites planned, I don't really want to get into trying to re-upload stuff but if you really need something then shoot me a message.
From here on the blog will be more focused on my musical endeavours with Black Mass and Satanic Dystopia, my noise and mixtape work and plenty of ranting about movies and the usual rubbish.

Nothing Left Inside