Monday, 14 May 2012

John Holmes - El Louso Suavo (1999)

I wrote about John Holmes and posted up their final album a while back here, so I am not going to patter on about this awesome bands legacy and lineage again. All you need to know is that El Louso Suavo is a monster of an album. A ugly, crust influenced monstrosity of hardcore smashing its way through Deadguy and The Jesus Lizard style noise rock with a suitably British sense of nihilism.

This originally came out on Flat Earth Records who have recently put their entire back catalogue up for free download. This is a label that introduced John Holmes, Hard To Swallow, Manfat, Ebola, Sawn Off Drop Dead, Witchknot and tons more to my young ears. They made an impression on my musical education.


  1. Sweet pic, Bro!

    My first attempts at Photoshop, etc.

    An underrated gem of an album!

  2. Ah. I would have credited if I had known man. Just the only JH pic that seems to exist online.
    Its a superb album. My old band played with them a few times. Some of them do a band called Endless Grinning Skulls now. You should check em out Jase.