Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Hall & Oates - Private Eyes (1981)

Its been a while since I last posted on here, I've been busy. End of. We all know the recent events that are going to impact the world of blogging, so lets just enjoy what we do for the time being.

Today's post is the awesome 1981 album by the golden touch, liquid smooth vocal rapists Daryl Hall & John Oates, otherwise known as Hall & Oates.
Private Eyes features their best selection of songs in my opinion. Every track is sure fire gold, assimilating R&B, soul, jazz and rock into simple, radio friendly bursts of pop. "Head Above Water" is the best unused pump-up/montage track as well.

In other news I have recently took up posting over at the might Illogical Contraption. If you dig death metal, conspiracy theories, awesome stuff and futuristic shit then its well worth a read.

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