Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Necrophagia - Holocausto De la Morte (1998)

Yes. You would be right in thinking that the dude on the far right is indeed that tool from Downtera. Now, I know how well liked Pantera are by most knuckle dragging metal fans but I have no love what so ever for them. Not after paying a small fortune as a teenager to see them be kneecapped on stage by Anselmo's drunken and stoned ranting many years ago. What I do have love for is this album he was involved with back in the late 90's. Necrophagia had been knocking about in one form or another since the early 80's.
As far as I could gather they had actually split up by the late 90's but reassembled with Phil Anselmo ( or Anton Crowley, as he goes under on here) handling all guitars. This line up recorded this album and a couple of Ep's before it all changed again.
This is really the only period of the band that interested me. The band where hitting this sludgy, Autopsy punk like groove and possessed a really harsh guitar sound.  This album was released at the same time as a video compilation featuring the current band playing in the infamous House Of Shock. Each track had a different video involving band members. I mean, one look at the cover art tells you where they are coming from cinematically.
As such, there is some complete Fulci/ Bava worship going on here as well as a huge slab of rotting, low budget gore. Witness drummer Wayne Fabra masturbating into the hair of a girl he has recently shot.

See Anton Crowley huff glue and get drunk with a big boobed lady in a graveyard.

See Killjoy sacrifice a woman with a huge fake muff.
All pretty cool. Add to this lot a video paying homage to Fulci masterpiece The Beyond and another track with footage from Jim Van Bebber's classic Roadkill : The Last Days of John Martin and its a pretty creepy, repulsive death metal classic.  You can't argue with some of the riffs on here, or the nasty atmosphere it creates.

Behold............the sickness.......................

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