Wednesday, 19 May 2010

DJ Pogo Presents - The Breaks (1998)

Another aquisition from my time at Andy's Records back when I was a kid. What we have here is all the original tunes that many DJ's and producers sampled for the early forays into hip hop. You get Micheal Vinars take on The Shadows classic "Apache", the awesome theme tune from S.W.A.T , some James Brown goodness and the incredibly dirty groove of "Funky Mule" by the legend that was Ike Turner.
There was a series of these compilations and I wish I had stolen a few more when I had the chance as they make superb mix CD's for most social occasions.

DJ Pogo in scratch action at Earl's Court 07.


  1. you fucking beauty.Been looking for this.

  2. No worries fella. Shame I never managed to get any of the others. Enjoy.